Meridian Place is a transformative mixed-use community centrally located in the rapidly evolving Monroe Road corridor in Southeast Charlotte. Developed by Goode Properties, Meridian Place includes the recently completed M Station apartments and 100,000 square feet of commercial space for retail, restaurants and offices.

The plan and design of Meridian Place have been developed with the input of city planners, transportation officials, and area residents. In fact, the vision for the community can be traced by to recommendations made when the Independence Boulevard Small Area Plan was being developed. The contributions of MoRA and the sense of partnership enjoyed with this community organization are vital elements of the community’s progress.

The Meridian Place master plan and its design emphasize the creation of a pedestrian friendly development considerate of the strategic location of Meridian Place and the changing road infrastructure around the site impacting Monroe Road, Idlewild, Conference Drive and Independence Expressway. A long term development, Meridian Place is close to 50% complete. its development and marketing team  stand committed to seeing the community’s vision realized as the MoRA area continues its dramatic evolution.

Meridian Place - Transformative Community

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